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Policies & Procedures

Before entering the facility, please note that wearing a mask is optional for all persons (ages 2 and older). We strongly encouraged wearing a mask if there are symptoms of feeling unwell as to help reduce the spread of germs, but it is only mandatory for those individuals that are finishing a quarantine / isolation period.
Parents are responsible for certifying their child’s health by filling out the health screening at check-in via the Brightwheel App. All individuals with temperatures of 100.4 degrees or above shall be excluded and not permitted entry. We will also be checking for signs of illness, which could include flushed cheeks, rapid breathing or difficulty breathing (without recent physical activity), fatigue, or extreme fussiness.
It is important to keep children home when they are sick. We understand that a clear, runny nose, sneezing, and cough is often associated with allergies. If these symptoms are communicated with the Director in advance and are not accompanied by a fever, your child may be permitted to attend.
Once you have completed the health check and touchless check-in, please help your child change into their “preschool only” shoes.  These shoes should be closed toe, rubber-soled, shoes that your child can easily take off and put on with little assistance.
When your child is ready to enter the classroom, please hug and say good-bye from the hallway. Parents/guardians and authorized persons may only enter the classroom if it appears to be helpful to the child’s transition into school. This is not a great time to engage in lengthy conversations with your child’s teacher, as they need to be focused on helping the students to get started with their day.
Families are required to notify the center if someone in their household tests positive or if their child has been in close contact with a positive case of COVID-19.
If a staff member or student tests positive for COVID-19, they should isolate for 5 days, and not attend school.  They may return to school on the 6th day and wear a well-fitting mask or respirator to school through day 10. There is currently no requirement of a negative test to be able to return. Staff and students who are not able to wear a well-fitting mask or respirator should isolate for 10 full days.
All close contacts, regardless of vaccination status or history of prior infections, are exempt from quarantine baring there are no symptoms, and they mask for 10 days from their last exposure. Children exhibiting symptoms will be asked not to attend school until we receive a negative COVID test. Staff and students who are not able to wear a well-fitting mask or respirator should isolate for 10 full days.
If COVID-19 has been introduced into the program, we will notify parents and legal guardians via Brightwheel and email. In accordance with confidentiality, we will not release the name(s) of the person(s) infected.
Tuition will not be reimbursed for days missed due to isolation and illnesses. Tuition will only be reimbursed for full months that classes are not in session.
Our school is currently mask optional. If you decide that you want your child to mask, please provide your own child-sized masks, and refresh them daily. Our center will keep extra face masks on hand, for students who soil, damage, or lose their own.
Please be advised that masks will be removed when eating, napping, or playing outdoors.
Staff and students will stay with the same group of children during the school day, except during Before Care, After Care, and Daycare (which may include a mixed group of children and staff). Outdoor and indoor recess will be staggered. We are limiting our class sizes to 20 children per day. We will always have 2 teachers on duty per classroom.
Children (and staff) will wash their hands often, especially during these key times when they are likely to get and spread germs:
  • Arrival to the facility
  • Before and after eating
  • After using the toilet
  • After playing outdoors or in sand
When soap and water are not readily available (outdoors) and if hands are not visibly dirty, alcohol-based hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol will be used.
The center will increase our cleaning and sanitizing practices. We will clean all high touch surfaces - including doorknobs, toys, phones, equipment, and toys at the end of every day.
Toys or other items that are mouthed shall be removed for sanitizing immediately. Toys from home are not allowed to be brought to school.
We will continue to educate and reinforce the practice of covering mouths when coughing or sneezing, by using the inside of their elbows or a tissue. Used tissues will be thrown away immediately and hands washed with soap and water or the use hand sanitizer.
The number of children in each learning center (Dramatic Play, Art, Trucks, Blocks & Science, Table Toys, and Sand Table) will be limited to 3 students at a time.
We will adjust these policies, as necessary, or relax them when we safely can. Please remember that many of these guidelines are DCFS recommendations. Our goal first and foremost in all of this is to keep our families safe. We desire to give your children the best preschool experience possible in this current situation.
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